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July Manufacturer of the Month: Avago Technologies –

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avago-distributorsAvago Technologies’ origin dates back to 1961, when the company functioned as the semiconductor products division of Hewlett-Packard. By 2005, already equipped with an extensive portfolio, the company broke off to become an independent entity. At the time of the split, Avago was the world’s largest privately held independent semiconductor company and, within five years, had unveiled a host of cutting-edge, next-generation technologies.

Employing a team of over 2,000 design and product engineers, Avago has amassed an impressive portfolio of intellectual property. The company has leveraged the experience of this team to uphold a “heritage of innovation” in their product lines, a heritage they trace back 50 years to their genesis within HP. Serving the wireless communications, wired infrastructure, enterprise storage, and industrial markets, Avago’s innovative solutions have long been employed in a multitude of applications such as cellular phones, data networking, telecommunications equipment, factory automation, alternative energy systems and power generation.

One of Avago’s defining characteristics is their commitment to offering high-performance design and integration capabilities. This commitment combined with their comprehensive portfolio and their focus on developing proprietary products ensures that Avago has the flexibility to provide solutions that meet any, and all, customer requirements.

Looking beyond their remarkable manufacturing capabilities, Avago’s global presence within the market ensures that clients worldwide have quick, reliable access to their products. Operating in tandem with their headquarters in San Jose and Singapore, the company has manufacturing, laboratory and distribution sites spread across nine countries.

From their ceaseless pursuit of innovative solutions to their service-driven approach to meeting the needs of their customers, Avago justly sits amongst the world’s top semiconductor companies. As a leading provider of critical components utilized in emerging technologies, the company continues to succeed in their mission to extend their heritage of innovation. Aeri is a trusted and reliable distributor or Avago parts. Please contact us for more information.