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June Manufacturer of the Month: NXP Semiconductors

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NXP-Semiconductors suppliers and distributorsFounded in 1953, NXP Semiconductors pride themselves on a rich history of innovation and versatility. As they continually aim to improve the quality of life of their customers, NXP focuses their research and development on generating solutions that promote increased energy efficiency, security, safety and performance.

With more than 24,000 employees in over 25 countries, NXP’s portfolio of mixed signal and standard product solutions contains an extensive catalog of market-leading products. With a history of innovation in RF, analog, power management, interface, security and digital processing, NXP’s solutions are utilized in a wide range of applications including television components, car security, telematics, smart metering and contactless identification products.

In providing these technologies, NXP has maintained a firm commitment to advancing their applications expertise and using that knowledge to cultivate positive customer relationships. Boasting a portfolio of roughly 11,000 patents and over 3,000 employees dedicated to research and development, the company’s unceasing dedication to understanding existing — and developing new — electronic system solutions is well-established within the industry. As a result of their devotion, NXP has been afforded the opportunity to engage in long-term, worldwide relationships with nearly every major automotive, mobile handset, mobile base station, identification, consumer electronics and lighting supplier.

Steadfast in their pursuit of innovation, NXP’s research team seeks to identify solutions that promote a smarter way of living. While the company soundly understands the obscured, often invisible nature of mobile technology, they nevertheless endeavor to evolve — and expand — their current catalog with the hope of supplying mobile solutions that provide secure, seamless and energy-efficient connections.

As one of the top semiconductor sales leaders, NXP’s financial growth has earned them the opportunity to pursue a number of cutting edge technologies. From energy efficient GreenChip technology to solutions designed for the home automation market, NXP’s future holds a bounty of exciting technologies that — coupled with their customer-centric philosophy — will undoubtedly affirm their leading position in the global market.