Buying parts on the open market is dangerous which is why we only partner with the best suppliers. We believe in taking quality a step further by testing the parts we sell. Read more about our industry leading processes below.

Choose from Three Quality Testing Processes.


AERI’s Level One Testing, which is included at no cost, has kept our customers 100% counterfeits free.

It utilizes the 50 plus inspection steps prescribed in the well respected IDEA-STD-1010 standard and the same trained and certified electrical engineers as the higher testing levels to perform the inspection.


Level Two Testing was designed for the customer who is either manufacturing a product for the high reliability market and/or has strict testing requirements from their customers. This category includes the industry accepted in depth counterfeit testing such as; X-ray, XRF, Decapsulation, all with larger sample sizes and a 20+ page report. There are additional costs and time requirements.


Level Three Testing is defined by the AS6081 Fraudulent/Counterfeit Electronic Parts: Avoidance, Detection, Mitigation, and Disposition certification. AERI is an AS6081 certified distributor. This level is very similar to Level Two, but with higher sample sizes. Customers who utilize this test method are usually doing so to comply with their customer’s requirements for AS6081 or AS5553.

Quality Testing Comparison

Test PerformedLevel OneLevel TwoLevel Three
Documentation and Packaging Inspection
General External Inspection
Detailed External Inspection
Part Marking Permanency Test
Acetone Solvent Test
Mechanical Surface Scrape Test
Program Blank Check
1-Methyl 2-Pyrrolidinone Solvent Test
Dynasolve 750 Solvent Test
X-Ray Analysis
XRF Lead Chemical Composition Analysis
Decapsulation and Die Evaluation
Detailed Test Report