Free up valuable warehouse space

AERI developed our Excess Inventory Management service to improve your financial position and free up valuable warehouse space of unneeded electronic inventory.


In order to serve you best there are three programs to choose from. Each program can be customized to optimize the benefit to you.


Your inventory is evaluated and a competitive offer is made to purchase all or part of your excess electronic inventory.

Line Item Purchasing

Your inventory is evaluated and individual line items will be bid on.


Your excess inventory is moved to our insured, secure, ISO 9001/AS9120 certified warehouse and separated from our general inventory. We create a contract in which we earn a percentage of each sale of your unneeded inventory and give the balance to you. The advantage of the consignment option is regained warehouse space, and potentially a higher financial return in comparison to liquidation

Regardless of which program you choose, allowing AERI to manage your excess inventory will establish your company as an environmentally responsible organization. Instead of scrapping your excess electronic inventory and contributing to the “e-waste” that litters our planet, you are recycling your inventory and ultimately protecting the environment. AERI is dedicated to meeting the demands of our customers. Your account representative can help you customize one of these programs to best serve your needs.

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