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May Manufacturer of the Month: ST Microelectronics

By July 21, 2014June 28th, 2021No Comments

st microelectronicsSince the company’s formation in 1987, ST Microelectronics has dedicated itself to innovation and product design. With nearly 20% of its 45,000 person staff working in R&D, the company has maintained an impressive 16,000 patents and 9,000 patent families.

As a leading manufacturer of integrated devices, ST serves all electronics segments. Within their embedded processing segment, ST offers a full range of microcontrollers including 8-bit MCUs based on the STM8 core, 32-bit MCUs based on the ARM-Cortex-M and a comprehensive selection of EEPROMs. This impressive range of products is utilized in a number of technological applications including bank cards, IT security, e-government, public transport and mobile communications.

ST’s commitment to cutting edge technology has earned it a leading position in the global market. The company ranks competitively in in the manufacture of MPEG decoders, smart card chips, automotive integrated circuits, computer peripherals and semiconductors. Among its broad range of products, ST has principally concentrated on the segments of sense and power technologies, automotive products and embedded-processing solutions.

In addition to ST’s dedication to product development, the company has adopted a customer-oriented approach to manufacturing. With sales offices, wafer fabrication and assembly sites located worldwide, ST’s customers can expect cost-efficient, secure and timely service.

In their digital consumer segment, ST has combined their innovative mindset with their customer-centric philosophy by focusing on minimizing migration and customization costs often associated with transitioning to new technologies. According to ST, such initiatives benefit the company by encouraging innovation and serve to enhance consumer experience by inspiring the development of new products and more intelligent features.

Having sustained their position as a leader in all of their markets for over a quarter of a century, ST Microelectronics has a proven track record within the world of electronics manufacturing. Their unparalleled approach to serving their customers along with their tireless pursuit of the technologies of tomorrow assures consumers that the company has trained its eye on the future. AERI is a proud ST Microelectronics distributor. If you are looking to get a hold of any ST Microelectronics products please get in touch with us today.