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Prompt Responsiveness

Our team responds quickly to your requests, and gets to work immediately to provide great prices on hard to find active components or obsolete components.

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Guaranteed Quality

Our quality-control processes guard against counterfeits while ensuring reliability and performance. As the industry leaders  in quality we believe if we can’t get it, you don’t want it.

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Global Access

Our worldwide network of trusted resources allows us to find and deliver the specific parts you need. AERI is an electronic component supplier in America, Asia and Europe.

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Since 1994, AERI has been working with

clients to source hard-to-find and obsolete

electronic components from around the world.

Founders Robert Hammond and Anthony Romano recognized the need for an independent distributor not only to locate parts, but to assure their clients that the components were high quality and that the customer service would match the most famed retailers who were paving the way for a new generation of service.

Customer Reviews

Jan Wouters

We have been relying on AERI in the UK on a few occasions when obsolete electronic parts were hampering our business continuation. Besides being extremely customer focused with a very high level of responsiveness, the service they deliver is outstanding, timely and to the point...Without any reservations, I do recommend AERI when in dire need for obsoletes in the electronic manufacturing business.

Joerg Fricke

Up till now, I bought obsolete parts via AERI two times. The parts were as described, and arrived within a week. There was an administrative problem caused by me but the employee at AERI, located in the U.K., who handled my orders solved the matter in a friendly, quick, and completely satisfactory way. In the future, when looking for hard to find parts, AERI will be my first address, and I unrestrictedly recommend this company.

Bart Buzanowski

Alex delivers excellent pricing and service. Whether the order is large or small he takes the time to do the job correctly. My dealings with him have been professional and to the point. No endless fishing calls, emails, or useless small talk. I would recommend anyone who wants to order with the knowledge that everything will be correctly taken care of correctly to use Alex's services.

Marc Andre

Great service, great people to work with, always giving their best to help. I recommand every buyers to deal with AERI, they helped me so often finding tough parts to find and at good prices, and much more. Thank you!

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