You Need Parts, Not Excuses

Our clients count on us to quickly and reliably supply the high quality electronic components that their businesses require. We achieve this through innovative processes that help us locate obsolete and hard-to-find electronic components, while guarding against counterfeits and shortening delivery time.

We take pride providing our clients:

Prompt Responsiveness

We know how frustrating it is to wait. That’s why our client service includes a quick reply to your request, and a search that begins immediately.

In fact, you can rely on our search experts to respond to your part requests in less than 3 hours.

Guaranteed Quality

It’s no secret that counterfeits threaten our industry. In response, our quality control processes ensure you of the level of quality you expect – guaranteed.

We’re so confident in our processes and services that we offer a 12-month warranty for every order. If the part doesn’t meet fit, form, and function requirements, we’ll take it back and find replacements that meet our high criteria, and your needs.

Global Access

Beware of those part search websites: they allow anyone to post stock as long as a fee is paid. It takes knowledge and expertise to be able to tell the difference between the real deal and all of the part sharks – and we are the experts.

Our experience, solid reputation, and locations around the world have helped us build a global network of resources. Our trusted partners help us locate and deliver high-quality electronic components, while guarding against counterfeits, used parts, or damaged parts.

Other suppliers have Sales Teams.

We have Search Experts.

Nearly anyone can push the sale of electronic components. And many suppliers main focus is on closing each and every deal.

Our emphasis is on being true experts at searching, authenticity testing and delivering high-quality parts to our clients. The focus is on service, quality, and building trusted relationships.

Contact an Expert

Who can you trust?

If you’ve looked online, you’ll see that almost any impossible, obsolete or hard to track down part is available – but whether or not you should trust the supplier is a different story. Many of these websites are flooded with scam artists and cheats who “work the system,” put up bogus rating systems and pass off poor quality parts to unsuspecting consumers.

With decades of experience, our Search Experts have been trained to analyze search engine results and distinguish which offers come from trusted suppliers and which offers are from fraudulent suppliers.

Simply put, we know who can be trusted, and who cannot. This is an ability that other suppliers and clients, on their own–cannot match.

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