On August 23rd almost every electronic component made in China will have an additional 25% cost due to sweeping tariffs on Chinese products.  As of yesterday, the US has officially added the following important electronic component segments to their new tariff rates.

  • Integrated Circuits, Processors, Controllers, Memories, Amps
  • Voltage Regulators 
  • Connectors, Electrical Protection & Switching
  • LED’s & LED Displays

Including the tariffs on products that went into effect on July 6th this 2nd group means almost all electronic components made in China will have the 25% tariff.  In order to avoid these extreme tariffs and keep your costs down order your parts from AERI by Wednesday August 15th and we will try to get them through customs before the deadline. 

To learn more about the changes see the following articles.

CNN Report

US Government announcement    

We look forward to partnering with you to make this transition as smooth as possible. 

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