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When will AS6081 be completed?

By October 1, 2012June 28th, 2021No Comments

According to the G19 Board Chairman Philip Zulueta the timing is as follows;

“The release of AS6081 is a moving target. The initial release draft is again in the committee ballot phase. This is the proper process with a ballot end date of October 8.  Assuming it passes ballot, the document then goes to the SAE Aerospace Council for their ballot. This process can last as long as another 28 days. Assuming it passes their ballot, AS6081 will be publicly released the first week of November. “

Let’s hope that he is right.  The industry really needs a good standard to point to.  It is important to note that after it is completed there are many more steps to be able to have it be an auditable standard.  An audit checklist must be finalized, certifying bodies must be approved, etc.