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The Defense Department Must Deal with the Fact that it No Longer Dominates the Market of the Design of Electronic Components

By October 8, 2012June 28th, 2021No Comments

In the beginning stages of the creation and development of electronic components, the defense industry was the driver for component manufacturers to make new technology and support defense programs.  Now consumer products have overtaken the attention of the component manufacturers.  Defense designed components are a very small portion of just a few component manufacturers now.  The defense industry has had to start using commercial devices since they are just a small customer for the component manufacturers.  This opens up to the defense designs being more easily replicated and the reliability and durability of the chips are typically lower.  It has become very difficult to support old programs without having to buy products from the aftermarket.  This opens up the opportunity for counterfeit electronic components to enter the defense supply chain.  For more on the issues the Defense Department faces read this story from Federal News Radio.