Testing free of charge

Every part that passes through our warehouse receives our  Level 1 testing free of charge.  AERI’s level 1 testing program utilizes the 50 point inspection process documented in the IDEA-STD-1010, and all of our quality control inspectors are required to be certified to the IDEA-ICE-3000 professional inspector certification.

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Detect counterfeit parts

The increase in counterfeit activity requires all sectors within the electronic component industry to ensure that each inspector is trained in the unique techniques and attributes necessary to detect counterfeit parts. Conventional inspection techniques for electronic components do not incorporate the tests needed to identify suspect counterfeit parts.


The Independent Distributors of Electronics Association (IDEA), and its members, are highly aware of and deeply concerned with the proliferation of counterfeit electronics as well as the threat they pose to national safety, security, and the impact this threat has on commerce. IDEA firmly believes that the answer to conquering this dangerous problem resides within an expanded and concerted effort in the education of all stakeholders.  They accomplish this goal through the implementation of relevant standards, training, and certification.