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Simple New Tool to Detect Counterfeit Electronic Components?

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a better mousetrap

a better mousetrap

Everyone is looking for a new and simple tool to easily detect counterfeit electronic components, the old “build a better mousetrap” idea.  The answer is, there isn’t a single simple tool, BUT there is an unbelievably easy and inexpensive solution.

  • You don’t have to buy it
  • No extra staff costs
  • No new procedures
  • No training
  • No stress

Solution: A great independent distributor.  There are a few electronic component distributors in the market, including AERI, who do everything for you, so you do not have to worry about a thing.  (Urgent note: there are many distributors that say they do counterfeit testing to get your business. You must audit their procedures before ordering.)

There is no easy way to detect counterfeits without investing in expensive equipment, pricey engineers, complicated procedures, and extensive training.  Let the experts handle all of that so your company can focus on its own core competencies.

There is no mandate that your organization, itself, must be capable of detecting counterfeits.  Even the most widely accepted SAE AS5553 counterfeit avoidance document, created to give equipment manufactures clear direction, does not state that the manufacturers must have the competency to detect fake electronic components.  The document leaves that open to being performed by another entity.  Take advantage of the expertise already out there.

Before you take the leap of faith that this solution requires, here is a short list of the requirements that SAE’s AS6081 (US government adopted counterfeit detection document for distributors) requires of a distributor to be capable of in order to properly test parts for authenticity;

  • Document and packaging inspection
  • Detailed external visual inspection
  • Remarking and resurfacing tests
  • X-RAY inspection
  • XRF testing
  • Decapsulation

If your quality and audit team can receive assurance that your independent distributor is competent to utilize these tools, and are well trained in counterfeit detection inspection techniques, don’t try to re-invent the mousetrap.  Detecting counterfeits is too complicated and no single tool will ever be able to identify every counterfeit.