Russia Susceptible to Counterfeit Electronic Components as Well

The author of this article brings up a very good point.  In Russia as in many of the more developed countries, the primary manufacturing of equipment is more complex devices.  Because of that the manufacturers have a higher mix of components and lower volumes; therefore they get little attention from the component manufacturers and are forced out into the unauthorized market due to long lead times or obsolete products.  This story about Russian woes is the same for many countries where labor is on the more expensive side.

Robb Hammond is the President of AERI and the chair of the Aerospace Industry’s Counterfeit Electronic Components Mitigation Standard for independent distributors, AS6081, which has become one of the industry’s most respected documents, as well as being adopted by the Department of Defense. Robb is one of the foremost thought leaders in the industry on counterfeit detection and speaks regularly at conferences around the globe.

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