AERI President to Present “First Line of Defense Against Counterfeits” at the MEPTEC Medical Electronics Symposium

Robb Hammond will be presenting to medical manufacturers on how to avoid having counterfeit electronic components end up in medical devices.  In the medical field, the need for high reliability is life critical.  Robb’s presentation will detail how to avoid a catastrophe by taking the attendees through a step by step process of how to research, procure, and test electronic components to avoid counterfeits from being used in their manufacturing process.  To learn more about the symposium, please click here.

Robb Hammond is the President of AERI and the chair of the Aerospace Industry’s Counterfeit Electronic Components Mitigation Standard for independent distributors, AS6081, which has become one of the industry’s most respected documents, as well as being adopted by the Department of Defense. Robb is one of the foremost thought leaders in the industry on counterfeit detection and speaks regularly at conferences around the globe.

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