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TT electronics OPTEK Technology is an innovative leader in the optoelectronics and lighting industries. For nearly 40 years, OPTEK has been providing optoelectronic products for sensing and illumination applications. Known for our ability to provide highly engineered, application specific optoelectronic sensor solutions for a multitude of applications, our product portfolio includes standard and custom optoelectronic sensors and switches, magnetic sensors, hall-effect and magnetoresistive components, fiber optic components, and VCSELs. Equipped to meet the needs of our worldwide customers, OPTEK products can be found in office equipment, industrial applications, encoders, military and high-reliability applications, medical diagnostic equipment, automotive and lighting applications.

Optek Technology Inc

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Part # Description Status  
1N4625 ZENER DIODE,SINGLE, TWO TERMINAL,5.1V V(Z),5%,DO-204AA Available Request Quote
1N4626 ZENER DIODE,SINGLE, TWO TERMINAL,5.6V V(Z),5%,DO-204AA Available Request Quote
1N4687 ZENER DIODE,SINGLE, TWO TERMINAL,4.3V V(Z),5%,DO-204AB Available Request Quote
1N4688 ZENER DIODE,SINGLE, TWO TERMINAL,4.7V V(Z),5%,DO-204AB Available Request Quote
1N4689 ZENER DIODE,SINGLE, TWO TERMINAL,5.1V V(Z),5%,DO-204AB Available Request Quote
1N4690 ZENER DIODE,SINGLE, TWO TERMINAL,5.6V V(Z),5%,DO-204AB Available Request Quote
1N4691 ZENER DIODE,SINGLE, TWO TERMINAL,6.2V V(Z),5%,DO-204AB Available Request Quote
1N4692 ZENER DIODE,SINGLE, TWO TERMINAL,6.8V V(Z),5%,DO-204AB Available Request Quote
1N4693 ZENER DIODE,SINGLE, TWO TERMINAL,7.5V V(Z),5%,DO-204AB Available Request Quote
1N4694 ZENER DIODE,SINGLE, TWO TERMINAL,8.2V V(Z),5%,DO-204AB Available Request Quote
1N4697 ZENER DIODE,SINGLE, TWO TERMINAL,10V V(Z),5%,DO-204AB Available Request Quote
1N5416 RECTIFIER DIODE,100V V(RRM),SOD-61H2 Available Request Quote
1N5418 RECTIFIER DIODE,400V V(RRM),SOD-61H2 Available Request Quote
1N5523B ZENER DIODE,SINGLE, TWO TERMINAL,5.1V V(Z),5%,DO-204AA Available Request Quote
1N5524A ZENER DIODE,SINGLE, TWO TERMINAL,5.6V V(Z),10%,DO-204AA Available Request Quote
1N5527B ZENER DIODE,SINGLE, TWO TERMINAL,7.5V V(Z),5%,DO-7 Available Request Quote
1N5530B ZENER DIODE,SINGLE, TWO TERMINAL,10V V(Z),5%,DO-7 Available Request Quote
1N5615 RECTIFIER DIODE,200V V(RRM),AXIAL-3.5 Available Request Quote
1N5617 RECTIFIER DIODE,400V V(RRM),AXIAL-3.5 Available Request Quote
1N5619 RECTIFIER DIODE,600V V(RRM),AXIAL-3.5 Available Request Quote
1N5623 RECTIFIER DIODE,1KV V(RRM),AXIAL-3.5 Available Request Quote
1N5803 RECTIFIER DIODE,75V V(RRM),AXIAL-4 Available Request Quote
1N5804 RECTIFIER DIODE,100V V(RRM),AXIAL-4 Available Request Quote
1N5806 RECTIFIER DIODE,150V V(RRM),AXIAL-4 Available Request Quote
1N5809 RECTIFIER DIODE,100V V(RRM),AXIAL-4 Available Request Quote


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