Life’s no fun without challenges.  While detecting counterfeits we face obstacles every day.  Try to get to the die of a part the size of ground pepper.  Thanks to the latest technology of automated decapsulation and skilled engineers we can get the job done.  One of our lead engineers shared this challenge with us and sent us pictures just for kicks.







Getting access to the die of encapsulated parts is a key process in the detection of counterfeit electronic components.  Doing it well assures that you can distinguish all of the important part information.  Many test houses just blast the parts with acid, leaving a half-eaten piece with lots of scars.  They may be able to get some helpful information, but many times from our experience using a few external test houses, we were unable to authenticate the parts with what was left of the die.  Well trained engineers with quality equipment make all the difference.  Try us out and compare our die images to any of your previous test facilities.  We are sure ours will impress you and give you confidence in our assessment.  

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