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There is no better way to get the latest intel than face-to-face meetings with actual players in the electronics manufacturing industry in their own facilities. And that is exactly what Dieter Weiss of In4ma and Eric Miscoll of EMSNOW set out to do.

After 3,200 kilometers of travel by car, 14 hotels stays, 2 conferences, and 19 visits to EMS companies throughout Europe, these two industry experts share a ton of interesting insights about the highly unusual electronic components market we find ourselves in today. You will find the information they have uncovered quite helpful and most certainly relate to many of the issues affecting these 19 manufacturers.

Navigating the current electronics component market

Through a series of short reports and podcasts, Dieter and Eric share in great detail how each of the 19 EMS companies are navigating the current electronics market. They conclude that there are many challenges in the near future. The future is positive and business will continue to grow, albeit at a slower pace. The largest challenges they pointed out were:

  1. Manufacturers are sitting on a lot of excess inventory, which is causing cash flow and profitability issues.
  2. It has become very important for many of these companies to get the excess inventory off of their books before the end of the year. 
  3. EMS’s continue to have trouble finding skilled staff to perform the technical work required.
  4. Organizations are investigating ways to automate everything possible to solve the shortage of labor. 
  5. Many small companies are being consolidated into larger companies.

Dieter and Eric have gleaned a treasure trove of other useful information. Check out their full report, including the names of the EMS companies interviewed.

Helping you navigate excess inventory

AERI is able to help you navigate your excess inventory issues as well as your hard to find parts.  Please contact one of our Search Experts and they can share solutions to solve the latest electronic component challenges you are facing.

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