AERI can help shrink your AVL

Shrink Your AVL

AERI offers unique advantages beyond merely selling popular electronic component brands. We excel at sourcing a wide range of products, from obscure piezo buzzers and adhesives to specialized air conditioners tailored to meet specific customer requirements. We understand that many of our clients are on a mission to consolidate their vendor base, avoiding the addition of new suppliers to their Approved Vendor List.

AERI plays a vital role in facilitating this process by providing products that cannot be obtained from their mainline distributors. Below, is a compelling six-point list outlining the reasons why manufacturers should seriously consider consolidating their less frequently purchased parts through AERI.

  1. Simplified Management: Managing a lengthy vendor list can be overwhelming, time-consuming and costly. By reducing the number of vendors, it becomes easier to oversee and manage these relationships. Let AERI expertly handle these tasks, alleviating your stress and saving you time.
  2. Enhanced Purchasing Power: Through consolidating purchases with a select few vendors, manufacturers can often boost their purchasing power. This empowers them to negotiate better prices, secure discounts, and obtain favorable terms.
  3. Cost Efficiency: Streamlining the vendor base results in cost savings across multiple areas. These encompass administrative costs, transaction expenses, and even the cost of goods or services through more advantageous negotiations.
  4. Improved Quality Control: By working with a smaller group of vendors, quality control can be significantly improved. It becomes easier to monitor and manage the quality of products or services provided by a limited number of trusted vendors.
  5. Strengthened Relationships: Close collaboration with a select few vendors cultivates stronger and more fruitful relationships. This can lead to improved service, enhanced support, and even foster innovation and effective problem-solving when challenges arise. AERI is renowned for its exceptional customer relationships, offering unparalleled customer service compared to our competitors. Experience the satisfaction of working with partners who genuinely care about you and your company’s needs.
  6. Seamless Integration: Collaborating with a smaller pool of vendors often results in better integration of technology, systems, and processes, leading to enhanced efficiency. AERI has the capability to tailor communication and delivery methods to align perfectly with your preferences.

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