Long Lead Times for Electronic Components Continue

By May 31, 2018June 28th, 2021No Comments

The current electronic component shortage is causing OEM’s to fall far behind on deliveries to their customers.  At this point there is no end in sight to the long lead times.  Of even more concern is a shortage often leads to a more pronounced shortage than it really is since there is an over ordering frenzy.  Customers order more than they need from multiple vendors creating a false demand.  If the manufacturers of the components build everything ordered there may eventually be a huge glut in the market which would trigger a whole different set of problems.  At AERI we are helping one customer at a time get the parts they need with reduced lead times.  Our offices and connections throughout the globe allow us to locate parts that are difficult for most to obtain.  Reach out to one of our search experts to see if we can solve your component shortage problem. CONTACT US.

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