Manufacturer Fire

A devastating fire has destroyed one of AKM’s (Asahi Kasei Microsystems) primary manufacturing plants in Japan.  It is estimated that it will take 12 months to repair the factory.  The audio industry appears to be the most reliant on AKM’s products, causing a frenzy in acquiring stock to fulfill future orders.  Thankfully there were no deaths or injuries reported.

There do not seem to be a lot of competitors in their market space to fulfill the demand.  This could be a real problem for a lot of OEM’s that rely on AKM.  Redesigning boards is difficult, expensive, and time consuming.  The best option for OEM’s right now is to get a years’ worth of stock before the market is completely dry.

If you need AKM parts to keep your production lines moving, please contact one of our Search Experts.  For more information about this terrible fire, click here.