Broker vs. Franchise. Who is the Winner?

By September 8, 2017June 28th, 2021No Comments

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Conventional wisdom typically leads procurement professionals to the conclusion that franchise distribution is always a better choice over independent distribution. What if there was another way? A quality broker can offer unique benefits that authorized distribution cannot.

  • Often much less expensive even with new date codes
  • One stop shop with access to all brands and product types
  • Hold physical inventory on shelves for extended periods, bonded inventory
  • Long term storage solutions for EOL parts to benefit your balance sheet
  • Personal attention from tenured account representatives
  • Higher credit limits to help manage cash flow and balance sheets
  • In-house counterfeit detection (franchises have shipped Counterfeits)
  • And, of course, available parts even after obsolescence or allocation

AERI has been able to continually provide customers with better solutions through strategic offerings such as those listed above. Our customers are delighted to learn there is another way to procure parts than the cookie cutter franchise method. We have created a solution that offers better pricing, quality parts, and great customer service. The benefit of working with an excellent broker and not being just another “order”, as with most franchise distributors, is compelling enough to switch.