American Electronic Resource is a global expert in sourcing hard to find and obsolete transistors from around the world. Regardless of your requirements — be they commercial, industrial or military grade transistors — we have the ability to locate and provide you with options to buy transistors that fulfill your needs.

We endeavor to identify and catalog the complete inventory of obsolete transistors from over 400 of the world’s leading manufacturers, including:

AERI has established offices throughout the world in an effort to maintain contact with suppliers in all regions. When you perform a parts search by entering your transistor part number above, our Search Experts will scour the global inventory, locate your part and reply with your part’s pricing and availability.

About Transistors:
Transistors are one of the most critical components in modern electronic devices. Developed in 1947, the transistor ushered in a new electronic age that included smaller radios, calculators and computers. Since then, the transistor has been hailed by many as the most important invention of the 20th century.