American Electronic Resource is the world’s leading obsolete microprocessor supplier. Well-equipped to source hard to find and obsolete components, we are prepared to meet all of your requirements: commercial, industrial and even military grade. We have the resources fulfill even the most difficult needs, regardless of whether the part you need is discontinued or no longer available.

Our efforts are focused on cataloging the global inventory of obsolete microprocessors from over 400 leading manufacturers, including:

We have offices strategically positioned around the world capable of communicating with suppliers in all corners of the globe. After you’ve input your microprocessor part number into the search bar above, our Search Experts will get to work and provide you with options to buy microprocessors that meet, or exceed, your requirements.

About Microprocessors:
The first commercial microprocessor was the Intel 4004. Released in 1971, the 4004 was a 4-bit central processing unit. Since that time, microprocessors have grown to 16-, 32- and 64-bit. They have been integrated into multi-core designs that contain more than one microprocessor core. As of 2004, microprocessors were a $44 billion industry and had all indications of continuing to evolve and grow.