At American Electronic Resource, we are the global leader in sourcing hard to locate and obsolete memory. Whether you’re searching for DDR2, DDR3, server memory or laptop memory, we can provide you with options to buy memory that will fulfill your needs.

For our clients, we strive to compile a comprehensive catalog of the entire global inventory of obsolete memory modules. In this effort, we consult with over 50 of the leading manufacturers, such as:

We have offices stationed throughout the world that are ready to communicate your requirements to suppliers in all regions. Simply input your memory module’s part number into the search bar above, we’ll take care of the rest.

About Memory
In the 1940s, the first electronic programmable digital computer, the ENIAC, used vacuum tubes to perform simple calculations. Able to handle no more than twenty numbers, the ENIAC required thousands of vacuum tube accumulators to perform its operations. Over the years, we have developed more efficient methods of memory such as SRAM, DRAM, flash memory, magnetic devices and optical discs that have increased the complexity of operations and decreased the physical requirements.