Case Study

Saving Time, Face, and Money

AERI has been much more than just a supplier of parts to its customers.  One example of this is a large medical manufacturer, headquartered right here in Orange County California.  With much frustration, legal issues, and shame they found themselves with a deluge of counterfeits in their inventory and products.  At the time there was very little publicity about the counterfeit dilemma within the electronic components industry.  Like many other organizations, counterfeits caught them completely off guard. 

This medical company needed more than just quality parts from a new supplier to solve their predicament.

  • Their reputation with their customers was at stake
  • The FDA was conducting an investigation
  • They had millions of dollars of stock tainted with counterfeit parts
  • Their board failure rate off the production lines was too high, causing them to throw away and repair many of their products
  • Returns needing repair were skyrocketing

AERI was able to help them with more than just quality parts.  Our experience and skills enabled us to;

  • Eliminate any future counterfeits from landing on their dock
  • Help them clean out their existing inventory from the counterfeits through testing
  • Prove parts were counterfeit so they could get their money back from suppliers
  • Train their quality teams on how to spot counterfeits, which helped them repair their returns and keep their production lines moving smoothly
  • Work with their legal team to help them navigate difficult conversations with the FDA

We thoroughly enjoyed the process.  We are proud to be able to help people and their organizations from the perils of the market tainted with counterfeits.  How can we help you?