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As one of the premier companies in the electronics industry, Samsung Electronics offers one of the widest ranges of components in the the world. With its balanced product portfolio that includes key products such as lithium-ion batteries, semiconductors, chips, flash memory and hard drive devices, Samsung has secured a number of high-profile clients like Apple, Sony and Nokia. In recent years, the company has diversified and, as a result, has become the world's largest maker of LCD panels, televisions and mobile phones.

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Keeping our customer's production lines moving is our primary goal at AERI. As a Samsung Electronics distributor, our customers have the opportunity to buy Samsung Electronics parts without a lead time, even if they are no longer in production. Once you have submitted a part search, our Search Experts will get to work and reply in a timely manner with the pricing and availability of the Samsung Electronics components that you requested

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Part # Description Status  
IRF741 TRANSISTOR,MOSFET,N-CHANNEL,350V V(BR)DSS,10A I(D),TO-220AB Available Request Quote
IRF9521 TRANSISTOR,MOSFET,P-CHANNEL,60V V(BR)DSS,6A I(D),TO-220AB Available Request Quote
K4D553238F-JC2A IC,SDRAM,DDR,4X2MX32,CMOS,BGA,144PIN,PLASTIC Available Request Quote
K4M513233C-DL750 IC,SDRAM,4X4MX32,CMOS,BGA,90PIN,PLASTIC Available Request Quote
K4M51323LC-DL750 IC,SDRAM,4X4MX32,CMOS,BGA,90PIN,PLASTIC Available Request Quote
KM428C256J-7 IC,VRAM,FAST PAGE,256KX8,CMOS,SOJ,40PIN,PLASTIC Available Request Quote
KM432S2030BT-G10T IC,SDRAM,4X512KX32,CMOS,TSSOP,86PIN,PLASTIC Available Request Quote
KM44V16100AK-5 IC,DRAM,FAST PAGE,16MX4,CMOS,SOJ,32PIN,PLASTIC Available Request Quote
KM48S2020CT-G10 IC,SDRAM,2X1MX8,CMOS,TSOP,44PIN,PLASTIC Available Request Quote
KM48S8020BT-G10 IC,SDRAM,2X4MX8,CMOS,TSOP,54PIN,PLASTIC Available Request Quote
KM48S8020BT-G10K IC,SDRAM,2X4MX8,CMOS,TSOP,54PIN,PLASTIC Available Request Quote
KM48S8020BT-G10KZ IC,SDRAM,2X4MX8,CMOS,TSOP,54PIN,PLASTIC Available Request Quote
KM48S8020BT-G10T0 IC,SDRAM,2X4MX8,CMOS,TSOP,54PIN,PLASTIC Available Request Quote
KM48S8030BT-G10 IC,SDRAM,4X2MX8,CMOS,TSOP,54PIN,PLASTIC Available Request Quote
KM48S8030BT-G10D IC,SDRAM,4X2MX8,CMOS,TSOP,54PIN,PLASTIC Available Request Quote
KM48S8030BT-G10K IC,SDRAM,4X2MX8,CMOS,TSOP,54PIN,PLASTIC Available Request Quote
KM48S8030BT-G10KZ IC,SDRAM,4X2MX8,CMOS,TSOP,54PIN,PLASTIC Available Request Quote
KM48S8030BT-G10Q IC,SDRAM,4X2MX8,CMOS,TSOP,54PIN,PLASTIC Available Request Quote
KM48S8030BT-G10T IC,SDRAM,4X2MX8,CMOS,TSOP,54PIN,PLASTIC Available Request Quote
KM48S8030BT-G10TH IC,SDRAM,4X2MX8,CMOS,TSOP,54PIN,PLASTIC Available Request Quote
KM48S8030BT-G10TQ IC,SDRAM,4X2MX8,CMOS,TSOP,54PIN,PLASTIC Available Request Quote
KM48V8104AS-6 IC,DRAM,EDO,8MX8,CMOS,TSOP,32PIN,PLASTIC Available Request Quote
KM6264ALP-10 IC,SRAM,8KX8,CMOS,DIP,28PIN,PLASTIC Available Request Quote
KM6264ALP-10L IC,SRAM,8KX8,CMOS,DIP,28PIN,PLASTIC Available Request Quote
KM68V257C Available Request Quote


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