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Using Curve Trace to Detect Counterfeit Electronic Components

By April 21, 2013June 28th, 2021No Comments

AERI began using curve trace analysis to detect counterfeits a few years ago and we have found it to be a very good tool to aid in our investigation.  Most of the current detection methods are investigations of the physical characteristics of the parts.  A curve trace allows us to confirm that not only are the physical properties of the product good, but the electrical characteristics of the parts compare to a known good device or match measurables that can be found on the datasheet.  A curve trace alone is not a substitute for all of the tests recommended for counterfeit detection, but it is a necessary addition.   It is also not a substitute for functional testing.  Curve trace analysis only verifies that the parts internals are connected in the same manner as they are supposed to be, but it does not indicate that the part functions.  AERI has confirmed multiple counterfeit components using curve trace technology.

To read more about the details of how curve trace can be utilized for counterfeit detection we recommend you read this article, pages 4-8.