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New Book About How: Much of Americas Wealth was Built through Counterfeit and Illicit Trade

By March 4, 2013June 28th, 2021No Comments

11Frustrated with the continuation of more and more counterfeit electronic components entering the supply chain, I have overlooked how our nation significantly benefitted from the same, what we would consider, unthinkable behavior of “others”. In the new book “Smuggler Nation” we are reminded that America’s history is full of bad behavior, which benefitted many Americans financially. Much of it was related to counterfeited goods which were the high tech products of their time period. We are currently outraged by the rampant counterfeiting of our intellectual property by developing nations, which we rightfully  should be, but not long ago our very own citizens were just as guilty. In the 19th century famous authors like Charles Dickens were equally frustrated as we are now when they found counterfeit copies of their books all over the nation. This book shares examples of European  technological breakthroughs which were being counterfeited here with no royalties to the original manufacturers. Now, the US has created and attempted to police the most rigorous anti-counterfeiting  laws in the world to stop such transfers of goods. It is sadly humorous that our nation led the way in counterfeiting and illicit trade and now we are leading the fight to stop it.