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Multiple Smoking Guns – Counterfeits Easily Detected

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Here is a fun example that allowed us to detect these fakes with multiple blatant clues.

Clue #1; During our inspection process we dip humidity indicator cards (HIC) in water to see if they are real HIC cards or if they have been made just to fool the unsuspecting buyer.  This HIC did not even respond by turning pink while under the water.

Clue #2; We are careful to read the labels provided with the package to see if the information is correct and there are no misspellings.  This label was loaded with misspellings.

 Clue #3; Obvious blacktopping easily removed with acetone.

Clue #4; Re-tinned leads

 Whenever you are receiving parts make sure to use all the tools at your disposal.  Each type of examination gives either more confidence or builds your case against the suspect counterfeit components.  We must utilize profiling, as described in the judicial/political world, when dealing with unauthorized distributors.   In todays open market you must consider all parts from the open market guilty (suspect counterfeit) until proven innocent.  We cannot use a fair legal system when subjecting these part to their trial.