Another U.S. electronic components broker has been sentenced to prison.  Check your supplier purchases to see if your company may have bought anything from one of his many different company names.  If so, assess the risk to determine if any action is needed.   

Rogelio Vasquez, a.k.a. James Harrison, last doing business as PRB Logistics Corporation in Costa Mesa California, was sentenced by United States District Judge Josephine L. Staton, who said, “Simply put, the scheme was endangering lives for the sake of illicit profit.” Vasquez was also ordered to pay $144,000 in restitution.

From July 2009 to May 2016 Rogelio instructed Chinese suppliers to refurbish and remark used or discarded electronic components to meet the requirements of defense subcontractors, as well as other industries.  Some of the parts ended up being installed in a classified weapons system used by the U.S. Air Force.  In a sting operation, Vasquez sold 106 counterfeit integrated circuits to an undercover federal agent.

Rogelio’s actions show no concern for the many lives he has put in jeopardy.  It is sad that someone would purposefully put others lives at stake for their own monetary gain.  Not only could his actions cause injury, but our country depends on the tools it uses to defend our country.  It is good to know that the Department of Defense is paying attention to this huge problem and bringing those to justice who violate the law. 

Rogelio Vasquez’s many company names included:

  • PRB Logistics Corporation
  • Devices Electronics Components
  • End-Of-Line Components
  • WCG
  • EZ Components
  • Nexxon Circuits Inc.
  • JJ Electronics
  • Actual Assembly Inc.
  • Chapman Distributors Company
  • Electronics Today
  • Advanced Thermal Design Inc.
  • All Electronic Component
  • All American Components Inc.
  • Tekchips Inc
  • Big Time Electronics
  • Nadkyo
  • IC Grid

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