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Some Great Statistics and Info on the World’s Counterfeiting Dilemma

By January 14, 2013June 28th, 2021No Comments

Canada’s CBC has done some homework and created a great graphic describing the world’s creation and consumption of counterfeit goods.  Data which documents the dollars and percentage of total counterfeit goods is always amazing.  The statistic showing that China supplies the lion’s share of counterfeits in the world is never a surprise, but always shocking.  And the amount of deaths related to counterfeits we put in our bodies is horrific.  We know that some of the people at the lower tier of counterfeit manufacturing don’t quite understand that what they are doing is wrong, but when they are putting drywall dust, as described below, in drug capsules, they must understand that it can’t be good for people.

Click the picture on the left to be redirected for more on this topic. Once redirected, click the ‘Cost of Counterfeit’ tab to see this picture in better detail.