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New Information Coming Out About Xilinx Lawsuit Against Flextronics

By February 26, 2014June 28th, 2021No Comments

gavel (1)The lawsuit between FPGA supplier Xilinx and American supply chain solutions company, Flextronics, has brought to the surface several points of contention.

Originally, it seemed as though this lawsuit was initiated due to Flextronics reselling Xilinx electronics components in the open market in order to profit from their advantageous pricing. However, the fact that the Xilinx electronics parts were faulty, and possibly even counterfeit, seems to be the reason this lawsuit has come to fruition.

Profiting from top tier pricing may be why the Xilinx FPGA’s were substituted with substandard parts, but this new information seems to show that it is not the reason for the dispute. If the parts did not fail, would Xilinx, and potentially other manufacturers, try to stop the large contract electronic manufacturers from these types of profit making activities?

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