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At AERI, our commitment to maintaining your productivity levels is unparalleled. A major contributor to our ability to fulfill this commitment is our role as a Potter and Brumfield distributor. As an established Potter and Brumfield supplier, we have access to parts that have no lead time or are no longer in production. Once you have submitted a part search, our Search Experts will get to work, seeking to meet your requirements, and will dispatch a prompt reply with your parts pricing and availability.

Potter and Brumfield is the United States leading manufacturer of electronic relays. With an expanded portfolio that includes market timers, connectors, input/output modules, circuit breakers and countless components required to transmit electric power, Potter and Brumfields components are utilized in a variety of end products, such as small appliances, furnaces, automobiles and air conditioners. The companys dedication to new product development, as evidenced by numerous research and development laboratories, helped to ensure that Potter and Brumfields products remained at the forefront of the cutting-edge.


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Plug-In Relay; Contacts:4PDT; Contact Carry Current:3A; Coil Voltage AC Max:120V
Industrial Relays DP PLN QC/SLDR 24VDC