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Government Officials in Canada (AKA “Chanada” by some) Ignoring Counterfeit Component Problem

By July 16, 2012June 28th, 2021No Comments

Amazingly, when interviewed, Julian Fantino, Canada’s associate defence minister, dismissed US warnings about the counterfeit threat.

“At this point in time, other than continuing to be vigilant, we don’t have any particular concerns in this country,” Fantino told CBC News.

Most independent distributors are aware that Canada has a large group of Chinese immigrants who have set up shop and are marketing counterfeit components from their homeland.  Years ago the term “Chanada” was coined about the direct link of counterfeit parts coming through Canada.  AERI noticed this problem and has been helping awareness throughout the industry to manufacturers and distributors alike.  Electronic component buyers believe that if they are not going directly to Asia that they are somehow more protected, but there is nothing further from the truth.  There are many companies which quote counterfeit stock set up in areas considered safe in order to add legitimacy to the counterfeit supply chain. Their product often ends up having Chinese origin.   Whenever we are quoted 5-10 days to receive parts a red flag goes up, which indicates “Where are these coming from?, Can we trust this supplier?”

The story about Canada’s officials being completely in the dark highlights the ignorance still out there with regard to in to this very difficult and dangerous problem.  Click here to see the full article from CBS.