Distributors No Longer Responsible for DNA Marking of Electronic Components

By September 18, 2014June 28th, 2021No Comments

DNA logoThe DLA (Defense Logistics Agency) has made the decision to no longer require distributors to mark the 5962 and 5961 part classes with DNA for later authentication.  They have decided to take the process in-house.  Originally each distributor which wanted to supply the DLA with electronic components, in the aforementioned part classes, was required to attain their own DNA signature and have each part marked prior to shipment to the DLA.  The process of becoming capable to provide that service was in excess of $50,000 for each distributor.  The DLA had begun reimbursing all of the distributors for their expenses to become registered to perform these activities and to provide the marking.  As more and more distributors requested the DNA program it obviously became very expensive for the DLA.

This move to bring it in-house to the DLA will make the entry to sell these products much easier for distributors.   There are still rigorous testing requirements, which align with the AS6081 procedures, but the marking requirement has been removed.  Please read the document from the DLA at the following link for more information and details about the changes.