Why Follow Industry Recognized Standards

If you are not an aerospace manufacturer, why should you require a supplier to be certified to the AS6081 and AS9120? Most importantly, because you can! Secondarily, your likelihood of receiving counterfeits or failing parts will basically drop to 0%. There are well over a thousand independent distributors in the industry with quality ratings from 1 to 5 stars. Of all of these, the best distributors spend the time and money to make sure that their customers never get poor quality parts.

The primary method for a distributor to ensure their company will deliver great product every time is to follow a standard developed by subject matter experts. The AS6081 and AS9120 are the only industry recognized standards that address counterfeit avoidance, quality components and traceability. Therefore, they are the only option whether or not you are manufacturing aerospace or commercial products. There are great distributors with both certifications in the marketplace, so the best question is NOT why should you require these standards, but why wouldn’t you require your distributors to be certified?


One opposition to using a certified distributor may be the cost. It is likely that the parts will have a slightly higher initial purchase price, but they are certain to have a lower overall cost when you take into consideration how much a failing part on your board would cost to rework, not to mention injury to customer relationships and your reputation. And by requiring a supplier to be AS6081 certified, you do not need to mandate all of the expensive testing that an aerospace company would require.

Certified distributors often utilize most of the requirements of their certifications for all of their customers, adding extra safety that you are not paying for separately as if you ordered the entire AS6081 test plan. Without investing extra for the testing you may not get your parts decapsulated every time without additional fees, but you will most likely receive the other 95% of the standard’s requirements for free (depending on the distributor). For example, AERI offers free X-ray, XRF, acetone, scrape, and solderability testing depending on the customer’s requirements and the parts specifications.

About AS6081 and AS9120 Certifications

The AS6081 and AS9120 certifications are essential quality management standards that have been developed specifically for the aerospace industry. These certifications are unique in that they address the specific needs and challenges of aerospace manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers, ensuring that they meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

The AS6081 certification is designed for independent distributors of electronic components used in aerospace and defense applications. This certification ensures that the distributors have implemented a robust counterfeit mitigation program, including risk assessment, inspection, testing, and traceability procedures, to prevent the distribution of counterfeit or fraudulent parts.

The AS9120 certification is designed for aerospace distributors, ensuring that they have a comprehensive quality management system in place that meets the needs of aerospace and defense customers. This certification covers critical aspects such as supply chain management, inventory control, and product traceability, ensuring that the aerospace products and components are tracked and controlled throughout the supply chain.


Both AS6081 and AS9120 certifications play a crucial role in the aerospace industry. The aviation industry relies on a complex network of suppliers and distributors, and these certifications ensure that the products and components that are used in aerospace and defense applications meet the highest standards of quality and safety. By implementing these certifications, the industry can reduce the risk of counterfeit or fraudulent parts, ensuring that the aerospace products and components meet the necessary performance, safety, and regulatory requirements.

The importance of AS6081 and AS9120 certifications cannot be overstated. The aerospace industry is highly regulated, and failure to meet the necessary quality and safety standards can have significant consequences, including safety risks, costly recalls, and damage to reputation. By implementing these certifications, aerospace companies can demonstrate their commitment to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction, giving their customers the confidence to rely on their products and services.

In conclusion, the AS6081 and AS9120 certifications are essential quality management standards for the aerospace industry and benefit any industry. These certifications ensure that distributors meet the highest standards of quality and safety, reducing the risk of counterfeit or fraudulent parts and ensuring that your products and components meet the necessary performance, safety, and regulatory requirements. By implementing these certifications, organizations can demonstrate their commitment to quality and safety, ensuring that they remain competitive and trusted partners in the electronics industry.

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