AERI’s capability to safely provide our clients with authentic, high quality electronic components has been confirmed by the United States Department of Defense.  We are a qualified supplier for both their QTSL Certified Supplier program (Qualified Testing Suppliers List) as well as being approved on their QSLD (Qualified Suppliers List of Distributors) (see letter).  We use our expert technical skills to protect our clients from receiving counterfeit electronic components and substandard military electronic components.  You can read about the QTSL program here

When purchasing obsolete electronic components there is an increased risk of receiving counterfeit parts, which AERI is able to mitigate for our customers.  We provide extensive documentation on the tests we perform in order to provide assurance for our customers.  Our adherence to SAE’s AS6081 counterfeit avoidance procedural document, assures our customers that they will receive authentic electronic components every time.

Many of our manufacturing clients are being asked by their customers, “What is your counterfeit parts prevention plan?”  AERI provides a complete counterfeit electronic component prevention program solution, which enables your company to focus on what it does best.  Ask your account representative how AERI can help you locate hard to find parts while keeping your company safe from counterfeits.