American Electronic Resource is the industry’s leading expert at sourcing SSDs. Whether you’re searching for enterprise flash drives (EFDs) using PCIe connections or consumer SSDs using a standard SATA3 connection, we are equipped to handle any request, no matter how difficult.

Our efforts are focused on locating and indexing the world’s inventory of hard to find solid state drives from a broad range of the industry’s leading manufacturers, including:

AERI has offices stationed all over the world that are ready to contact suppliers from all regions. Our Search Experts are prepared to handle any and all requests. Simply input your solid state drive’s part number in the search bar above and we will provide you with options to buy solid state drives that suit your needs.

About Solid State Drives:
Unlike traditional drives, solid state drives (SSDs) have no mechanical components. Because of this, they offer a higher tolerance for physical shock, they run silently and have a drastically reduced access time. In recent years, SSDs have enjoyed an increase in popularity due to their decrease in price.