At American Electronic Resource, we are the world’s foremost expert at locating hard to find and obsolete relays from around the world. If you require commercial, industrial or even military grade relays, we have the capability to source parts that will fulfill your needs.

We aim to locate and catalog the expansive, global inventory of obsolete relays from over 400 of the world’s most recognized manufacturers, including:

AERI has offices located in all corners of the world that are able to communicate with suppliers in their region. Our goal is to make your search simple. When you input your relay’s part number in the part search above, our Search Experts will locate your desired part and respond promptly with its pricing and availability.

About Relays:
Developed in 1835 by Joseph Henry, the first relay’s intended goal was to improve the operation of Henry’s electrical telegraph. Originally simple in design, modern relays are available in an assortment of types including latching relays, reed relays, mercury-wetted relays, polarized relays, coaxial relays and many, many more. Among a host of other uses, relays are often utilized in the amplification of digital signals, detection of faults on transmission lines, logic functions and time delay functions.