As the leading expert in sourcing difficult to locate and obsolete diodes, American Electronic Resource seeks to provide clients with options when few options appear to be available. Whether you require diodes for commercial, industrial or even military applications, we have the resources necessary to meet your requirements.

At AERI, we endeavor to index the expansive, global inventory of obsolete diodes and create an intuitive catalog of available products. In this effort, we consult with over 400 of the leading manufacturers, including:

About Diodes
Acting as an electronic check valve, diodes allow electrical current to flow in one direction while restricting flow in the opposite direction. Evolving from vacuum tube diodes of the early 1900s, modern diodes are available in a number of forms: thermionic, semiconductor, point-contact, junction and Schottky. Utilized in the radio industry, radiation detectors, temperature measurement, and a host of other end products, diodes are a critical component for many electronic applications.

Assisting us in our goal, we have established offices around the world whose purpose is to communicate with diode suppliers from all corners of the globe. Simply input your diode’s part number into our search form and click. We’ll handle the rest.