At American Electronic Resource, we have positioned ourselves to act as the premier destination for clients in need of hard to find or obsolete crystals. No matter what your application is — commercial, industrial or even military — we will leverage our considerable resources to fulfill your needs.

We focus on locating and cataloging the availability of obsolete crystals from over 400 global manufacturers, including:

Our worldwide presence, evidenced by offices located around the globe, affords us the opportunity to communicate with crystal suppliers in all parts of the world. When you submit a parts search, our Search Experts will reply with a source and price that will allow you to buy crystals with confidence.

About Crystals:
The first crystal oscillator was patented in 1917. Comprised of a fragment of Rochelle salt, the component was created in Bell Telephone Laboratories and eventually utilized in the burgeoning radio industry. Today, the most common crystals are created from quartz and are used to provide a stable clock signal for digital integrated circuits.