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Part Number X441.0012-10-250
Description Cap,Met Polypropylene,1.2nF,250VDC,10% -Tol,10% +Tol
Warranty 1 Year AERI Guarantee Learn More
Quantity In Network 8896 Available through the AERI Network
Part Status: ACTIVE

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X441.0010-5-250 Cap,Met Polypropylene,1nF,250VDC,5% -Tol,5% +Tol ASC Capacitors
X441.0012-20-250 Cap,Met Polypropylene,1.2nF,250VDC,20% -Tol,20% +Tol ASC Capacitors
X441.0012-5-250 Cap,Met Polypropylene,1.2nF,250VDC,5% -Tol,5% +Tol ASC Capacitors
X441.0015-20-250 Cap,Met Polypropylene,1.5nF,250VDC,20% -Tol,20% +Tol ASC Capacitors
X441.0015-5-250 Cap,Met Polypropylene,1.5nF,250VDC,5% -Tol,5% +Tol ASC Capacitors
X441.0018-10-250 Cap,Met Polypropylene,1.8nF,250VDC,10% -Tol,10% +Tol ASC Capacitors
X441.0018-5-250 Cap,Met Polypropylene,1.8nF,250VDC,5% -Tol,5% +Tol ASC Capacitors
X441.0022-10-250 Cap,Met Polypropylene,2.2nF,250VDC,10% -Tol,10% +Tol ASC Capacitors
X441.0022-20-250 Cap,Met Polypropylene,2.2nF,250VDC,20% -Tol,20% +Tol ASC Capacitors
X441.0022-5-250 Cap,Met Polypropylene,2.2nF,250VDC,5% -Tol,5% +Tol ASC Capacitors