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Part Number/MPN 83A1JB16J18
Manufacturer BOURNS
Description Res,Tapped,Wirewound,50K Ohms,5% +/-Tol,7563 Case
Warranty 1 Year AERI Guarantee Learn More
Quantity In Network 8883 Available through the AERI Network
Part Status: obsolete

Technical Information of 83A1JB16J18


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83A1JB16J06 Res,Tapped,Wirewound,200 Ohms,5% +/-Tol,7563 Case BOURNS
83A1JB16J08 Res,Tapped,Wirewound,500 Ohms,5% +/-Tol,7563 Case BOURNS
83A1JB16J10 Res,Tapped,Wirewound,1K Ohms,5% +/-Tol,7563 Case BOURNS
83A1JB16J11 Res,Tapped,Wirewound,2K Ohms,5% +/-Tol,7563 Case BOURNS
83A1JB16J13 Res,Tapped,Wirewound,5K Ohms,5% +/-Tol,7563 Case BOURNS
83A1JB16J15 Res,Tapped,Wirewound,10K Ohms,5% +/-Tol,7563 Case BOURNS
83A1JB16J16 Res,Tapped,Wirewound,20K Ohms,5% +/-Tol,7563 Case BOURNS
83A1JB16J20 Res,Tapped,Wirewound,100K Ohms,5% +/-Tol,7563 Case BOURNS
83A1JB16K10 Res,Tapped,Wirewound,1K Ohms,10% +/-Tol,7563 Case BOURNS
83A1JB16K11 Res,Tapped,Wirewound,2K Ohms,10% +/-Tol,7563 Case BOURNS