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Here at AERI, we take pride in our ability to keep our customers' production lines moving. A contributing factor to this ability is our position as a Vishay supplier. With access to a diverse range of Vishay parts, we are able to provide customers the opportunity to buy Vishay components that have no lead time or are no longer in production. When you submit a search, one of our dedicated Search Experts will get to work sourcing even your most difficult requirements.

Vishay is one of the world's leading manufacturers of discrete and passive components. With a focus on innovation and acquisition, Vishay has aggressively expanded its product lines since its founding in 1962. Initially a manufacturer of precision resistors and resistance strain gages, Vishay now offers an impressively comprehensive line of electronic components that are utilized for a range of applications in industrial, computing, automotive, consumer, telecommunications, military, aerospace and medical markets.

Vishay Intertechnology Inc

Vishay Intertechnology Inc Parts: ( showing 99976 - 99993 out of 99993)

Part # Description Status  
MAL205657103E3 Elec SNAP-IN 10000µF 40V 85°C 12000h 10mm 30x40 12NC: 222205657103 Available Request Quote
IHLM2525CZER1R5M01 HIGH CURRENT Shielded INDUCTOR, 1.5UH 9A 20% 2525CZ T&R Available Request Quote
WSL2010R0100FEA18 High Power Metal Strip Res. 2010 1% 1W R01 Available Request Quote
MMU01020C1002FB300 MICRO-MELF 0102 0.2W MMU-50 1% BL 10K0 12 NC: 231216511003 Available Request Quote
MMU01020C2400FB300 MICRO-MELF 0102 0.2W MMU-50 1% BL 240R 12 NC: 231216512401 Available Request Quote
MMU01020C3001FB300 MICRO-MELF 0102 0.2W MMU-50 1% BL 3K00 12 NC: 231216513002 Available Request Quote
MMU01020C3301FB300 MICRO-MELF 0102 0.2W MMU-50 1% BL 3K30 12 NC: 231216513302 Available Request Quote
MMB02070C1003FB200 RES SMD MELF 0207 0.4W MMB-50 1% B2 100K 12 NC: 231219511004 Available Request Quote
MMB02070C1000FB200 RES SMD MELF 0207 0.4W MMB-50 1% B2 100R 12 NC: 231219511001 Available Request Quote
MMB02070C1002FB200 RES SMD MELF 0207 0.4W MMB-50 1% B2 10K0 12 NC: 231219511003 Available Request Quote
MMB02070C1001FB200 RES SMD MELF 0207 0.4W MMB-50 1% B2 1K 12 NC: 231219511002 Available Request Quote
MMB02070C2209FB200 RES SMD MELF 0207 0.4W MMB-50 1% B2 22R0 12 NC: 231219512209 Available Request Quote
MMB02070C4703FB200 RES SMD MELF 0207 0.4W MMB-50 1% B2 470K 12 NC: 231219514704 Available Request Quote
MMB02070C2207GB200 RES SMD MELF 0207 1W 300V MMB-50 2% B2 0R22 12 NC: 231219522207 Available Request Quote
MMB02070B1007JB200 Res,MELF,Thin Film,100m Ohms,300WV,5% +/-Tol,-100,100ppm TC Available Request Quote
MMB02070C4701FB200 RES SMD MELF 0207 1W MMB-50 1% B2 4K70 12 NC: 231219514702 Available Request Quote
M28748/7-C00F1A Rectangular MIL Spec Connectors LOT CHARGE REQUIRED GROUP A & B TEST DTA Available Request Quote
M28748/7-B00S1A Rectangular MIL Spec Connectors Rack & Panel Connector Available Request Quote