Nichicon Corp

AERI specializes in the distribution of electronic components, including Nichicon. From commercial, industrial or even military grade, we can locate hard to find and obsolete Nichicon capacitors. Our offices located throughout the globe can search 24/7 for all of your most difficult requirements. On top of Nichicon we can also locate almost any brand of integrated circuits, flash memory, connectors, capacitors, switches, CPUs, diodes and transistors.

AERI: An Electronic Components Distributor You Can Trust
AERI has a reputation as one of the most reliable and customer oriented independent electronic components distributors in the world. We focus on supporting large manufacturers of electronic equipment with products like Nichicon.

It is difficult to find an independent electronic components distributor you can trust. With our ISO 9001 2000 certification and our dedication to customer satisfaction, nobody can supply you with obsolete electronic components from manufacturers like Nichicon better than AERI. Do a part search on our website or just forward us your requirements and we will dazzle you with a quick response, reliability, immediate delivery and exceptional prices.


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