Lansdale Semiconductor Inc

At AERI our goal is to keep your production lines moving. One of our core strengths is access to Lansdale parts that have no lead time or are no longer in production. By submitting a part search above you will receive a prompt response to your request with pricing and availability. Our Search Experts can get to work on your most difficult requirements immediately.

Lansdale Semiconductor still manufactures some of the most popular and timeless commercial wireless, telecommunications, military and aerospace integrated circuits (ICs) classic designs.
As a global pioneer in IC products life cycle management, Lansdale manufactures over 3,000 classic design ICs in the original package, exactly as they were created and produced by AMD, Fairchild, Freescale Semiconductor, Harris, Intel, Motorola, National, Philips (formerly Signetics), and Raytheon.

Our exclusive life cycle management program assures you of a dependable, continuous, cost effective, and high quality source of classic designed ICs today and tomorrow.
This means Lansdale eliminates the need to go to the time or expense of designing in a replacement part or even doing a complete product redesign not when we still make em exactly like they used to.

Lansdale Semiconductor Inc

Lansdale Semiconductor Inc Parts: ( showing 1 - 25 out of 2038)

Part # Description Status  
12540/BEAJC PHASE/FREQUENCY DETECTOR Available Request Quote
12540M/B2AJC PHASE/FREQUENCY DETECTOR Available Request Quote
5962-01-063-7333 IC,PROM,64X8,TTL,DIP,24PIN,CERAMIC Available Request Quote
5962-01-069-0417 IC,FLIP-FLOP,DUAL,J/K TYPE,LS-TTL,FP,14PIN,CERAMIC Available Request Quote
5962-01-249-8050 IC,LOGIC GATE,HEX INVERTER,LS-TTL,FP,14PIN,CERAMIC Available Request Quote
5962-01-273-4263 IC,LOGIC GATE,DUAL 4-INPUT NAND,STD-TTL,FP,14PIN,CERAMIC Available Request Quote
5962-01-273-4264 IC,COUNTER,UP,4-BIT BINARY,STD-TTL,FP,16PIN,CERAMIC Available Request Quote
5962-01-282-5593 IC,LOGIC GATE,QUAD 2-INPUT NAND,LS-TTL,LLCC,20PIN,CERAMIC Available Request Quote
5962-01-283-3199 IC,DECODER/DEMUX,2-TO-4-LINE,LS-TTL,FP,16PIN,CERAMIC Available Request Quote
5962-01-286-2256 IC,LOGIC GATE,3 2-IN XOR/XNOR,ECL10,DIP,16PIN,CERAMIC Available Request Quote
5962-01-288-1899 IC,DECODER/DEMUX,3-TO-8-LINE,LS-TTL,FP,16PIN,CERAMIC Available Request Quote
5962-01-314-6450 IC,PROM,512X4,TTL,FP,16PIN,CERAMIC Available Request Quote
5962-01-318-9024 IC,LOGIC GATE,HEX INVERTER,S-TTL,FP,14PIN,CERAMIC Available Request Quote
5962-01-326-6086 IC,LOGIC GATE,QUAD 2-INPUT NAND,LS-TTL,DIP,14PIN,CERAMIC Available Request Quote
5962-01-333-7437 Available Request Quote
5962-01-450-1254 IC,BUFFER/DRIVER,DUAL,2-BIT/4-BIT,LS-TTL,LLCC,20PIN,CERAMIC Available Request Quote
5962-01-483-9882 IC,COUNTER,UP/DOWN,DECADE,STD-TTL,DIP,16PIN,CERAMIC Available Request Quote
5962-86052013A STATIC RAM 256 X 8 Available Request Quote
5962-86052013C STATIC RAM 256 X 8 Available Request Quote
5962-86052013X STATIC RAM 256 X 8 Available Request Quote
5962-8605201WA STATIC RAM 256 X 8 Available Request Quote
5962-8605201WX STATIC RAM 256 X 8 Available Request Quote
5962-8670301EX PROM 32 X 8 WITH 3-STATE OUTPUTS 50 NS ACCESS TIME Available Request Quote
5962-8670301FX PROM 32 X 8 WITH 3-STATE OUTPUTS 50 NS ACCESS TIME Available Request Quote
5962-8670302FA PROM 32 X 8 WITH 3-STATE OUTPUTS 35 NS ACCESS TIME Available Request Quote


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