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Founded in 1910, Hitachi has grown to become a household name due to their positive contributions within an unparalleled number of markets. The company's pursuit of their primary goal, to harness their knowledge and technologies to resolve basic issues facing global society, has pushed them to the top of the Fortune Global 500 and the Forbes Global 2000. With a highly diverse portfolio that services eleven business segments, Hitachi is a time-tested supplier of components to the information, telecommunications, power, industrial, electronics, construction, automotive and consumer markets.

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AERI's main objective is ensuring the continued productivity of our clients. We are privileged to count our role as a Hitachi distributor as one of our major assets. This role allows our customers to buy Hitachi components that have no lead time, even if they are no longer being produced. When you submit a part search above, our Search Experts will consult our comprehensive catalog of Hitachi parts and contact you in a timely manner with your desired part's pricing and availability.

Hitachi Ltd

Hitachi Ltd Parts: ( showing 6776 - 6794 out of 6794)

Part # Description Status  
1SS270A RECTIFIER DIODE,60V V(RRM),DO-34 Available Request Quote
2SC2734GTR Available Request Quote
2SC4692 TRANSISTOR,BJT,NPN,800V V(BR)CEO,12A I(C),TO-247VAR Available Request Quote
SX14Q001 Graphics Display Module - Datasheet Reference Available Request Quote
HD63B40P IC,TIMER,CMOS,DIP,28PIN,PLASTIC Available Request Quote
HM6264ALP-15 IC,SRAM,8KX8,CMOS,DIP,28PIN,PLASTIC Available Request Quote
HM628128LP-12 IC,SRAM,128KX8,CMOS,DIP,32PIN,PLASTIC Available Request Quote
HM628512CLFP-5 IC,SRAM,512KX8,CMOS,SOP,32PIN,PLASTIC Available Request Quote
HM6264BLFP-10LT IC, SRAM, 8KX8, CMOS, SOP, 28PIN, PLASTIC Available Request Quote
HM628512BLFPI-7 IC,SRAM,512KX8,CMOS,SOP,32PIN,PLASTIC Available Request Quote
0J13113 DRV DISK 320GB 2.5 INCH 7MM Z5K320 SATA EA Available Request Quote
5184-5878 Pinto Junior- 24p 10/100M Available Request Quote
HDL6V5583E IC HDL6V5583 OCTAL 3-LEV Available Request Quote
HM514258AZP-1 I RAM HM514258AZP-1 ZIP20 Available Request Quote
HD74ALVCH162721TEL IC FF CMOS D-TYPE POS-EDG Available Request Quote
TMCMD1A107KTR 100UF 10V/16V 10% TA Available Request Quote
HM6264BLP-10L IC,SRAM,8KX8,CMOS,DIP,28PIN,PLASTIC Available Request Quote
HD6417032F20V CPU HD6417032F20V 32BIT 2 Available Request Quote
HM628512CLP-5SL IC,SRAM,512KX8,CMOS,DIP,32PIN,PLASTIC Available Request Quote