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Part NumberMfgStatus 
50RIA20Advanced Semiconductor IncAvailableRequest Quote
50RIA20American Microsemiconductor IncAvailableRequest Quote
50RIA20International RectifierAvailableRequest Quote
50RIA20Nihon Inter Electronics CorpAvailableRequest Quote
50RIA20Vishay Intertechnology IncAvailableRequest Quote
50RIA20MAmerican Microsemiconductor IncAvailableRequest Quote
50RIA20MInternational RectifierAvailableRequest Quote
50RIA20MVishay Intertechnology IncAvailableRequest Quote
50RIA20MS90Advanced Semiconductor IncAvailableRequest Quote
50RIA20MS90International RectifierAvailableRequest Quote
50RIA20MS90Nihon Inter Electronics CorpAvailableRequest Quote
50RIA20MS90Vishay Intertechnology IncAvailableRequest Quote
50RIA20S90Advanced Semiconductor IncAvailableRequest Quote
50RIA20S90International RectifierAvailableRequest Quote
50RIA20S90Nihon Inter Electronics CorpAvailableRequest Quote
50RIA20S90Vishay Intertechnology IncAvailableRequest Quote
50RIA20S90MInternational RectifierAvailableRequest Quote
50RIA20S90MVishay Intertechnology IncAvailableRequest Quote

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