6.3ZL2200M10X23 Rubycon Corporation Click for Price


Part Number 6.3ZL2200M10X23
Description Cap,Al2O3,2.2mF,6.3VDC,20% -Tol,20% +Tol
Warranty 1 Year AERI Guarantee Learn More
Quantity In Network 5016 Available through the AERI Network
Part Status: ACTIVE
Special Part Markings: LFC
RoHS Compliant: Yes
RoHS Package Marking: "RoHS Compliance" marking on inner and outer carton label

Technical Information of 6.3ZL2200M10X23


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Part # Description Manufacturer
6.3ZL1000M10X12.5 Cap,Al2O3,1mF,6.3VDC,20% -Tol,20% +Tol Rubycon Corporation
6.3ZL1200M10X16 Cap,Al2O3,1.2mF,6.3VDC,20% -Tol,20% +Tol Rubycon Corporation
6.3ZL1500MT8 U/K
6.3ZL2200MT810X23 U/K
6.3ZL220MT78X7 Cap,Al2O3,220uF,6.3VDC,20% -Tol,20% +Tol Rubycon Corporation
6.3ZL3300M12.5X20 Cap,Al2O3,3.3mF,6.3VDC,20% -Tol,20% +Tol Rubycon Corporation
6.3ZL3900M12.5X25 Cap,Al2O3,3.9mF,6.3VDC,20% -Tol,20% +Tol Rubycon Corporation
6.3ZL820M8X16 Cap,Al2O3,820uF,6.3VDC,20% -Tol,20% +Tol Rubycon Corporation
6.3ZLH1200M10X12.5 RUBYCO
6.3ZLH1200M10X12.5 Cap,Al2O3,1.2mF,6.3VDC,20% -Tol,20% +Tol Rubycon Corporation