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Part Number C330C334K5R5CA
Description Cap,Ceramic,330nF,50VDC,10% -Tol,10% +Tol,X7R TC Code,-15,15% TC
Warranty 1 Year AERI Guarantee Learn More
Quantity In Network 9000 Available through the AERI Network
Part Status: obsolete
RoHS Compliant: Yes
RoHS Package Marking: RoHS compliant indicated by "RoHS-PRC" or "RoHS-EU"
Lead Free Marking: T
Terminal Plating: Matte Tin (Sn) - with Nickel (Ni) barrier
Peak Package Temperature: 260

Technical Information of C330C334K5R5CA

About the Manufacturer:

Having been in business nearly 100 years, Kemet Corporation has a well-established history of providing efficient solutions to their customers' problems. Focusing on a wide variety of capacitors, the ...


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